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Fleur 333 - Love Potion

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Beauty & Personal Care
“Love is the highest vibration” M.J. Rolek A floral aphrodisiac and love elixir, Love Potion is a healing tonic for your breasts and yoni.  Sensual and warming cinnamon dances amongst seductive and...

“Love is the highest vibration” M.J. Rolek

A floral aphrodisiac and love elixir, Love Potion is a healing tonic for your breasts and yoni. 

Sensual and warming cinnamon dances amongst seductive and fragrant layers of rose otto, neroli, ylang ylang and vanilla to awaken sexual energy and ignite bliss. These divine essences of love open the heart and increase the expansive qualities of self-love, confidence and joy. 

Use as a sensual massage oil and all natural lubricant.
Handcrafted with simmondsia chinensis* (jojoboa oil), cocos nucifera* (coconut oil), hippophae rhamnoides* (seabuckthorn berry), cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon), rosa damascena (rose otto), cananga odorata (ylang ylang), citrus aurantium (neroli) + vanilla planifolia (vanilla) | 50ml
*Certified organic
All essential oils are therapeutic grade.

High Vibe Beauty Tips:

-Use as a lubricant during sexy time.

-Massage into breasts to increase circulation, firm and nourish tissues and moisturize. 

-Apply to scars and stretch marks on the body (not for use on the face). 

Ingredient highlights:

Cananga odorata (ylang ylang) is a floral aphrodisiac and powerful antidepressant that restores feelings of self-love, confidence, joy and peace. The aroma invokes ease, sensuality, grace, influences sexual energy and enhances relationships.

Citrus aurantium (neroli), the orange blossom, invokes joy, inspires femininity and eases stress during times of transition. Reduces the appearance of and helps to prevent scar tissue and stretch marks. Improves skin elasticity.

“The name of this oil is said to originate from a beloved princess of Nerola, Italy, who lavished it on everything. Brides adorned themselves with the orange blossoms to signify their purity and beauty. Neroli has been regarded by the Egyptian people for its great attributes for healing the mind, body and spirit. It brings everything to the focus of one moment.” - Alan Higley, Reference Guide for Essential Oils

Rosa damascena (rose otto) is a rare and luxurious essence. An overall system tonic, rose otto has one of the highest measured frequencies and raises the vibration of every cell in the body. The oil has an astringent effect on the skin, increases the resiliency and elasticity of the skin, helps to rejuvenate connective tissue, heals broken capillaries and soothes redness and inflammation.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon) energizes the body and increases vitality. It has an uplifting effect and relieves depression and nervous exhaustion. Cinnamon facilitates the opening of the root chakra and stimulates blood circulation, is high in antioxidants (helping to reverse damage to body tissues by free radicals) and restrains the growth of fungi and yeasts helping to prevent vaginal infections.

Vanilla planifolia (vanilla) is a rich and creamy oil distilled from the Madagascar vanilla bean. The seductive fragrance of vanilla is intimate and elusive. It helps to relieve anxiety and encourages the relaxation response.

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