skincare tips for the summer


Welcome Summer! Sure, this is the time we kick back, relax, and just enjoy being outside and not freezing, but it's not the time to neglect your skincare routine. UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year long but are especially damaging during the summer month when our exposure levels are higher.  

We have you covered with skincare and diet tips to maintain your natural glow and still protect yourself from sun exposure. 


☀️Wear a wide-brim hat, sunglasses, sunblock, and lip balm with SPF when going out. Don't forget to reapply as needed.

☀️Stay hydrated by drinking water and eating more plant-based. Increase fruit and veggies intake that have a high water content—for example, watermelon and cucumbers.

☀️Use a dry brush to remove any dry & dead skin, improving skin appearance and allowing it to hydrate more efficiently when moisturizer is applied. Brushing also helps move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes to eliminate the waste. 

☀️Similar to dry brushing, use a hot towel to open pores and release stored toxins.

☀️Use a Facial Jade Roller to remove skin puffiness, under-eye bags, and improve skin complexion. Great to use with a facial oil. 

☀️Use Facial Oils & Toner to keep skin hydrated and naturally moisturized without clogging pores like many heavy creams, & moisturizers.